Here we…scoff Melbourne’s best smashed avo at Touchwood

In almost every cafe in Melbourne Australia you will find smashed avocado on the menu. It’s a dish that has become extremely popular in recent years, and is most often the ‘go-to’ dish for many people.

Smashed avo for those who don’t know is basically ripe avocado that is broken up into a chunky mix, then seasoned with salt and pepper. It often is mixed with a mixture of lime juice, fetta cheese, chilli, and assorted herbs (mint, dill, coriander). No two cafes will have the same mix, so it’s always an adventure to see how they make theirs. The avo smash is usually served on toasted sourdough or grainy bread. A soft poached egg is the most common addition to the dish.

As a devotee myself, I wish to share my best pick for smashed avo which is a breakfast haunt called Touchwood in Richmond. It was featured in a an earlier post that I made. See here.

Touchwood is trendy Richmond cafe that specialised in all day breakfasts and lunch. It’s a popular spot as its menu caters to those with food intolerances. It has many suitable options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, etc. Dishes include Sticky coconut quinoa pudding served with seasonal fruit and pistachios, or fig and apricot fruit bread with whipped ricotta and honey.

As tempting as the menu is I come here solely for one dish. Smashed avo #1 which features perfectly chunky avocado served on sourdough bread with beetroot relish, burnt lime, pickled red onion, coriander, mixed seeds and sumac salt. It’s ridiculously good. The combination of the jammy lime juice with the avocado and beetroot is perfection- sweet, sour and moreish. The pickled onion give is a tart kick. I often order a serve of cripsy bacon to go with this, but it’s perfectly delicious without.

touchwood2 touchwood1

The coffee here is also standout, and I regularly come here for the coffee alone.


This is definitely the place I would take guests and friends when I wanted to impress them.

A must have breakfast whilst in Melbourne!

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