“Somewhere out there. Not here. Here we…” ABOUT

The genius Stephen Sondheim once wrote “somewhere out there. Not here. Here we…(plant rice/paint screens/etc),”  referring to the restrictions of the Japanese, who had once forbidden foreigners from coming on their shores. Today I take his words in two different paths; the sadness of not exploring outside of our comfort zone and then the joy of finding those things ‘out there’ that are new, foreign and exciting. These are the two reasons I travel, to not be content with daily life here but to enrich my life with knowledge that can only be learnt on the road.

I start this blog simply for my own benefit. To have a creative outlet to store all the valuable knowledge, tips & tricks that I have learnt on my travels. If anyone finds the information I post useful well that’s the cake on the cherry!

I’m a mid twenty’s Australian girl who loves travelling both nationally and internationally. My style of travel is economical foodie culture. I prefer to spend a little more on accommodation so I can have better location and little luxuries, but it’s far from 5-star accommodation (although sometimes a little indulgence is needed). I prefer to explore cities using public transport, free or cheap sightseeing options, and eating food from hawker stands or wherever the locals recommend. There will be plenty of discussion of food- this is NOT a skinny girls guide to travel- this is the ‘ill eat an entire wheel of cheese if I want to’ blog. One of my favorite travel habits is spending hours walking around supermarkets and 7/11s, looking at the new products and strange packaging. Here’s to the adventures ahead.

Be safe. Be smart. Be good. x


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